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Barry Kerollis Freelance Artist: Choreographer, Dance Educator, Podcaster, Blogger


What they are saying about Barry Kerollis in the press



“An all-arounder, Kerollis could handle solos, too, providing classical fireworks as Mercutio, musical grace in A Garden, forceful sexuality in Serious Pleasures, and oozy boneless-ness in Suspension of Disbelief.” – Seattle Dances


“A young dancer destined for star status; his grace and power practically define masculinity.” – Ballet Alert


“(Choreographer) Rudd gave Barry some virtuosic movement passages which were delivered with aplomb.” – Oberon’s Grove, Rudd’s Maan Singh workshop


“A crucial member of the Golden Era of the PNB Men’s corps.” – Seattle Dances


“I can’t stop thinking about what a spectacular performance Barry Kerollis did of Puck last night.” – Ballet Alert, Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“Barry Kerollis…punching a sauté developpe a la seconde, and then letting it sit for a moment before pushing on to the next step. This approach is admirable for it allows each step to read.” –Ballet-Dance Magazine, Stowell’s The Nutcracker


“Kerollis played his Mercutio as a charming trickster and lovable pest. He danced it very well, maintaining clarity and full character in spite of the speed and near-marathon stamina required.” – Seattle Dances, Maillot’s Romeo et Juliette


“Kerollis was terrific in all three ballets in which he danced. He modulated his energy appropriately for each ballet, but he was vivid in all of them.” – Ballet Alert – Balanchine’s Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Wheeldon’s Carousel, (A Dance), Robbin’s West Side Story Suite


“Kerollis’ spins and heel-over-head kicks…made some in the crowd holler with enthusiasm.” – Anchorage Daily News, Duran’s Cash and Cline


“Barry Kerollis’ Puck was a scene stealer as he crept around working his mischief on the other characters.” – The Examiner, Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“He’s a real treat in anything to do with a character.” – Ballet Alert




“It’s a testament to Kerollis’ choreographic skill that Cypher left me wanting more of this dramatic piece.” – Seattle P.I., Men in Dance festival


“Kerollis did not disappoint. I found his piece to be one of the most exciting I have ever seen by a just to see if I can do it choreographer. This guy has talent big time!” Seattle Dances , The Anxiety Variations


“The captivating and intriguing portion of the show did not begin until Barry Kerollis’ Cypher kicked off the evening.” – Seattle Gay Scene, Men in Dance festival


“This is the young choreographer’s second strong work of the year; it’s so interesting to watch his style develop.” – Seattle Dances, Cypher


The Anxiety Variations was a grand slam.” – P.S. I love the arts blog


“A budding choreographer whose talents continue to grow into a complete artist.” Seattle Dances